Special Projects

Synintsys run special Ad Bonum Hominis projects in medical diagnostics, renewable energy, transportation, defending privacy in communications, and other areas of science & technology.

Our primary goal is to advance modern healthcare practise by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies into medical and scientific devices for the greater benefit of humankind.

Backing any high-tech project these days is a costly endeavour, especially projects that require regulatory approvals such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Sometimes these costs are prohibitive for all but the largest enterprises.

If you do philanthropic work, or you are financially able to contribute, and interested in our special projects, then please consider becoming a patron. You can help us to achieve our goals by donating towards these special humanitarian projects and speed them to completion. Funds raised will be used exclusively for your programme(s) of choice and for the betterment of society.

We have launched our first special projects, the Cardio Link™  Wearable Biomorphic™ ECG sensor and Smart ECG Sentry™. Follow the links below for details.

Cardio Link Wearable Biomorphic™ ECG Sensor

Smart ECG Sentry™

Please stay tuned for future additions to the special projects list!