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How To Contribute (Online Access)


Over the years I've gradually  collected quite a large assortment of interesting data, information, patents, scientific papers, books etc. This, unavoidably, also included a large amount of cranky material. Luckily (with the help of a little scientific training) it isn't difficult to identify and weed-out this 'noise' from the signal.

The location and retrieval of a large part of this material incurs some penalties. It requires great effort and resourcefulness and often some good luck on the part of the researcher. Indeed since most of it may only be found in the rare book section of major regional libraries, university libraries, patent archives, (some material was only found after a thorough search of many second hand book shops!), and some through personal correspondence, it is a slow and time intensive task. A search of the World Wide Web might only return references to some of the published material however, and I personally have been generally unsuccessful in my WWW searches for the archival materials.

Not everyone is inclined, or perhaps has the time or resources to search out this material. Copies of all original, archival materials (all of this site's content, including more) will be made available on-line ready for downloading. Need information about an obscure technical subject? Drop me a line for a confidential discussion, world wide web aside there's a large volume of information in print archives which may never be digitised.

Lend your support to help maintain this site (on an ongoing basis), and more importantly, all funds will go toward ensuring that this obscure information remains in the public domain and guarantee that further important information is brought to light and made available for anyone to download. Below is a general description of the contents.

Dean system space drive A Self Propelling Mechanism
Young's Directional Force Generator Robert L. Forward on Negative Mass
Professor A. Di Bella's apparatus Marc G. Millis and the NASA BPP Program
Cook Inertial Propulsion system Woodward on Transient Mass Variations
Kellogg's Gyroscopic Inertial Space Drive Podkletnov on High Tc Super Conductors
Richard Foster's Rotary Motion Rectifier Bendix announces breakthrough foreseen...
Cuff's Rotary Motion Rectifier Force Field Shows Propulsion Promise....
Henry Wallace's "Kinemassic" Force Generator In Search of the Bootstrap Effect
Russell's Gyroscopic Propulsion System Detesters, Phasers and Dean Drives
Alexander Kidd's Gyroscopic Apparatus The Fourth Law of Motion
N.J. Schnur's Apparatus Transient Mechanical Systems (Davis et al)
Estrade's  Transforming Kinetic Energy Electrogravitics: Science or daydream?
McAllister's Propulsion System Prof. E. Laithwaite (Extension to Newton?)
Harry W. Bull's Reaction Motor Hayasaka & Takeuchi, Gyroscopic Anomalies

Harold Aspden R.H. Dicke (gravitation, equivalence etc.)
E.W. Silvertooth Electromagnetic & Gravitational Shielding.....
Dr. Peter Graneau Gravity and Inertia Resource Letter Gl-1
J.E. Faller,W.J. Hollander et al Notes on the analogy between Inertial and E&M
Dr.Erwin J. Saxl (charged  torque pendulum) Haisch, Rueda, Puthoff on the Zero Point Field...

....and, much more. 

If there's sufficient interest electronic versions of this archival material will be made commercially available by direct download on this site via secure paypal payment gateway.

Below is the billing information.

Flat access fee   US $ 10


When you register with us you will receive a password which will allow you access to the archival material for a period of one year and download all the files you need. Thank you for your patience.



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