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This site is dedicated to the serious investigation of the claims made by the many inventors, scientists, engineers and others, past, present, and future,  regarding an idea that has been with us almost since the days of Galileo and Newton himself.  I am referring to the concept of propulsion without the expulsion of mass, (i.e. massflow). Those of you who are already familiar with this concept will probably want to bypass elementary discussions, designed to bring those new to this hypothesis up to speed, and look at the available evidence. I say hypothesis because there is nothing in classical mechanics which predicts action without reaction (non-simultaneity notwithstanding). And as most physicists and engineers will tell you, classical mechanics has worked extremely well in the past so before we amend it we need to look very carefully at all the evidence available. After all, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

From a purely informational point of view, I strongly believe that content should take precedence over 'pretty graphics'. Hence no attempt has been made to make this site more attractive than is necessary. Although I don't preclude the possibility of making such an effort at some time in the future, it is ultimately dependent on the necessary time becoming  available.

Similarly, I refuse to place hyperlinks in the body of the text, unless this detracts significantly  from the usefulness of doing so in the context of the information provided. The links on this site are designed to be simple, intuitive, and strategically placed throughout the site. This, I hope, will make navigating a little more structured.

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