AutoPicker PickList

…Do You Drop-Ship?

  • Are you an eBAY, Shopify or Amazon merchant?
  • Are you a commercial retailer or have a bricks-&-mortar store?
  • Do you spend way too much time searching for new/profitable products on AliExpress?
  • Is the time you spend product-searching reflected in your bottom-line?
  • Are your product choices popular and successful or are they a bit hit-or-miss?
  • Could you be spending your time/resources more effectively/profitably or simply relaxing?
  • Have you tried commercial scrapers, but found them time consuming, with little success?
  • Tried consulting a drop-shipping specialist or product expert, with no luck?
  • Want exclusive products for your drop-ship business?
  • Did you tick any of the above?
  • Thousands of trending AliExpress products!

…Then You’re In The Right Place!

The PickListtm contains over 21500 top trending AliExpress products. AutoPickertm quickly & accurately finds the fastest trending & top selling products on AliExpress – autonomously.

And best of all, AutoPickertm does the hard, technical work for you!

Forget the drudgery of searching the “right” product categories for the “right” AliExpress products for your business. We engineered AutoPickertm to make your life easier. AutoPickertm is a software suite that periodically monitors AliExpress for the best & fastest selling products on the market. No matter which product you choose from the PickListtm AutoPickertm guarantees it’s trending up*.

Why AutoPickertm PickListtm?

Because there’s no other product or service like it. We personally tried many of the commercially available AliExpress scrapers. And they all have one drawback. You have to put in the time to do all the hard work yourself, on top of running your business.

Are you an Entrepreneur OR a Data Scientist?

We liberate the business person in you from having to perform all the hard & boring data-science-y chores (that AutoPickertm can do better and faster than humans). As Data Scientists it’s our job to run, maintain and continuously improve AutoPickertm. AutoPickertm concentrates on finding the top selling products for you, so that you can do what you do best – run your business.

How does it work?

AutoPickertm compiles and periodically updates a database of millions of AliExpress products. It then filters out unpopular, low yield or declining items and automatically generates the PickListtm. The AutoPickertm PickListtm contains thousands of the highest performing, best-in-category# products. Ready to go.

Sample PickList
AutoPickertm Generated AliExpress PickListtm CSV

Gone are the days of forever downloading and installing updates of buggy AliExpress scrapers.

AutoPickertm updates the PickListtm periodically so you always get the very latest PickListtm. Simply click “Buy Now” to pay. You’ll be redirected to a PayPal payment gateway where you can complete the transaction (through your PayPal account or via credit card) safely and securely. Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem. Just add the PickListtm to your shopping cart and choose the Direct Deposit Payment Method option from the drop-down menu before proceeding to the check-out.

No Registration, Memberships or Subscriptions

No fooling around with subscriptions, authentications, memberships, registrations, logins or passwords. Your encrypted link to the PickListtm will appear in an automated email from our payment system. Simply click on the link to download the latest PickListtm (in CSV or Excel file formats) ready to use. No muss, no fuss.

Need Updates?

Need an update? No problem. If you already own a PickListtm license contact us and we’ll arrange to provide you with an update at a reduced cost. We have an easy pay-per-download policy. Every PickListtm download is date-stamped. Simply compare the date-stamp, with that of your previous PickListtm download, to ensure that it’s a new update before you contact us to arrange payment. Update as little or as often as you need. One low payment per update, one license per-user/PC. No registration, membership or subscription required.

Peace of Mind

No more endless searching and comparing, checking and cross-checking products, sales, prices, ratings and other stats. No more trawling through hundreds or even thousands of candidate items. You can rest easy because the AutoPickertm PickListtm contains only the best performing AliExpress products (top 0.0002%).

Easy to Use

Simply import the PickListtm (CSV or Excel file) into Excel to search it. The list columns are formatted for easy customization and uploading to your Shopify store. Here’s a live demo of the PickListtm. Note that the demo table contains only a limited number of sample entries from a 2022 PickListtm.

Some technical stuff.

AutoPickertm is an expert-system that updates the PickListtm using a mix of proprietary AI, Machine Learning and heuristic algorithms. The result is then validated & verified by some very nice humans before it gets released into the “wild” (i.e. posted on our servers), ready for you to download.

What does the PickListtm cost ?

…Ready To Rock?

Please note price variation according to license type.

Top-Trending AliExpress Products List
Price: $990.00
Price: $399.00
PickList License :


Q. Why the promotional US$399 offer?

A. Many new Shopify merchants are just getting started in drop-shipping. And searching AliExpress for successful products is a daunting, time consuming and expensive task. The PickListtm represents a huge saving in both time and money off the regular ticket price. We guarantee ALL 21500+ PickListtm items# are EXCLUSIVELY among THE TOP 0.0002% selling/trending products on AliExpress. If you’re a new (or even old) Shopify merchant and still sitting on the fence you cannot afford to miss out on this great opportunity to stop wasting valuable time searching AliExpress, AND massively increase your sales. Don’t wait. Get your AliExpress PickListtm today!

Q. Can I buy the AutoPickertm software?

A. We get a lot of requests to sell AutoPickertm outright. There are several reasons why we don’t do it. First, we like our job a lot (and we’d like to keep doing it). Second, the math/algorithms involved in the source code isn’t something that can be easily maintained, modified or updated by end-users. Nor should they wish to do so. Most people would rather spend the time growing their business instead.

Q. The PickListtm sounds pricey when compared to other products or services on the market. Why?

A. We beg to differ. Think about it for a moment. Some AliExpress product consultants will charge you US$30 – and take days – to find a single AliExpress candidate product. The PickListtm contains over 21 thousand AliExpress products, in hundreds of different categories, that are chosen by AutoPickertm ready to market. No more trawling through AliExpress or testing products. Just upload any, or even all, of your favorite/niche list items to your Shopify (or other merchant) account with no further research effort required on your part. AutoPickertm guarantees ALL PickListtm items are among the TOP trending products on AliExpress – besides, the expense of the PickListtm is fully tax-deductible.

Q. I operate a Shopify store with niche products. I don’t need the complete PickListtm with 21500 products across 400 different categories. Can I get a customized, targeted AliExpress PickListtm in, for example, women’s jewelry, etc?

A. Sure. We designed the AliExpress PickListtm for large Shopify Drop-Shippers who sell across a wide variety of product categories that can take full advantage of the PickListtm. However, if you have a small to medium or niche Shopify store then a more targeted PickListtm (at a lower cost) is a better fit. Just contact us (using the form below) with your particular use-case/product-category requirements and we’ll tailor a PickListtm that’s right for your needs, whatever your budget.

Q. What happens to my commercial advantage if every reseller has the PickListtm?

A. The last thing we want is to saturate the market (remember we like our job?) What good is it if a million drop-shippers have access to the PickListtm? Your competitive advantage, including our value proposition, would decline. We’d much prefer to have an exclusive, limited number of successful repeat clients for the long-haul than to have a million dissatisfied customers.

Q. How do you ensure the PickListtm remains exclusive?

A. Simple. When the PickListtm reaches a set number of downloads only clients in the existing client pool will be authorized to purchase and download future updates using their unique license key. Should the size of the pool be deemed unsustainable we will permit new clients into the pool until a sustainable number of unique (non-repeat) clients is reached. We are continuously working on optimizing our business model to keep it fair for both us AND our clients.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. We don’t offer refunds on downloadable digital products.

Q. It’s a bit of a hassle to upload thousands of PickListtm items to my Shopify account. Is there an easier way?

A. The PickListtm conforms to Shopify’s required CSV format. However, it can easily be modified to your requirement with any spread-sheet application. We don’t recommend you upload thousands of items completely indiscriminately. However, we can arrange to populate your Shopify account through Shopify’s API programmatically. If you’re interested please contact us for further details.

N.B. If you’re a Reseller or Drop-Shipper, a single or a site license should suffice. However, bulk licensing is available for education, academic or pure research purposes. Just insert the # of licenses in the form below to receive info about bulk licensing for the AutoPickertm PickListtm . Thank you.

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