IP – Research & Development

SIS policy covers all commercial, industrial, health and defense IP generated from our R&D efforts, including spin-offs.

Both the nature of your proprietary information, and our technical solutions, are kept strictly confidential under legal obligations, by the terms of our mutual NDAs. This includes all applicable legal provisions under the Australian common law intellectual property legislation.

All valuable intellectual property generated from our research efforts is thoroughly evaluated against feasibility criteria, including all foreseeable commercial exploitation potential.

R&D and Product Development:

  • EDGE & Embedded AI & ML
  • Electronics Design – Analog & Digital
  • Robotics
  • Medical Devices
  • Sensors, IoT & AIoT
  • Mesh networks
  • Wearable Technology
  • Secure Communications
  • Specialized Components
  • Database design
  • Web automation

Our IP Business Model

Our innovative and flexible business model is based on client-side funded security of intellectual property rights derived from SIS R&D. Special provisions allow for back-leasing the exclusive licensing rights of  all SIS generated IP back to clients for manufacturing, commercialization and market-advantage purposes.

The Benefits

Clients enjoy the monopoly benefits derived from the exclusive rights to new technology without the expenditure of building and maintaining costly R&D infrastructure. Clients also save on the ongoing management costs and headaches associated with maintaining an intellectual property portfolio.

Protecting Your IP

Do you have business and/or technical partners? No problem. SIS can handle your third-party intellectual property needs such as IP transfers, re-assignments, licensing and non-disclosure arrangements, including patents and registered designs. If you are unsure about your legal IP options we can even provide sound and proven advice for achieving the maximum possible protection under Australian common law intellectual property legislation.

Practical Solutions

SIS can help you achieve solutions to a wide range of high-technology problems in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, operations, medical devices, fiber-optics, electronics design, embedded systems, data analysis, machine learning, system automation, custom applications software and more.

Regulatory Framework & Training

SIS provide assistance and advice for the complete solution chain. From full scoping and preliminary solution concept – right through to end-user implementation of the best possible solution.  SIS can assist you in working within governmental regulatory frameworks including the compilation of any required documentation, operating procedures or other special provisions. SIS can also help clients with the necessary training for personnel and other stakeholders involved in the solution process.

For further information please inquire via the contact form.

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